Paying Homage to the Animal Kingdom Through Art

"It is time to listen to the Earth's voice, to honour its wisdom, and to act with reverence and love for all of its inhabitants." -Robin Wall Kimmerer

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Some print designs are available with hand-embellishment. Each print is given some extra love with gold acrylic paint, creating lustrous details that shine in the light. This option adds a special touch of fun and flare, and no two prints are quite the same.

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Welcome To My Studio!

I'm Ariana Zimmermann.

I paint to highlight the sanctity of the natural world, so that we may bring its beauty more fully into our homes and lives.

Through my artwork, I seek to explore the archetypal, symbolic powers of nature and how humans relate to these energies.

My Story

Interested in a commission?

I would love to create a painting just for you! My commission bookings are currently waitlisted; please get in touch for more information or to be added to the list.

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