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Ariana Zimmermann Art

"Bloom" Fine Art Print

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"Bloom" giclée archival, museum-grade fine art print, created on 60LB matte paper. All measurements include borders.

In its early stages, this painting was headed in a very different direction, but I couldn’t quite execute the vision I was attempting. I almost painted over what I had so far, to try again – but in those moments when you're about to smear paint over your brush strokes, lies a fertile ground for creativity. Being able to release attachment allows us to create from a truly instinctual, authentic place, and it is in these moments of wild freedom that our best work and truest selves are revealed. Thus, why this piece is titled "Bloom" – to honor the fact that in letting go, we open to greater possibilities. Though clouds may darken the sky for a time and challenge us, the rain which pours from them nourishes the world, allowing gardens of color and life to burst forth.

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