Paintings personalized to your vision, offering deeply connected artwork that has the power to change your world...

       I would love to work with you! In order to have the best outcome for your painting, I ask that your idea generally operates within the subject matter that is already a part of my artistic voice: animals, people, and nature. I will work closely with you to make sure I have as good a grasp of your vision as possible, and will send frequent updates and progress pictures. To submit a commission proposal, please complete the contact form telling me a little about your idea and answering the following questions:


  • What size piece are you looking for?
  • When would you like the piece completed by?
  • Do you have photos you would like me to use?


Pricing for commissions is a base rate of $3.25 CAD per square inch (for example, an 11x14 painting would be $500.50 CAD). If the painting idea is extremely complex with detail on every inch, there may be an additional fee, as not all paintings take the same length of time and, therefore, must be priced accordingly. Please contact me with any questions about this and I would be happy to provide a quote for your idea. Paintings can be shipped worldwide.


My policy is that a deposit of 40% of the commission price be paid before I begin your painting. This deposit is non-refundable, and will be applied to the overall cost of the commission. If the proposal is based off an idea rather than a preexisting photo, I will send preliminary digitally-created sources, that I will use as reference material, before I begin the painting, so you will have a very good idea of how the piece will turn out. I require the deposit before I begin finding reference photos and creating sources.


Once I have created a final source that everyone is happy with, any major changes to the source may necessitate an additional fee, as such changes are, in many ways, on par with beginning a new painting and accommodating them requires a great deal of work. If you are choosing to supply your own reference images for the painting, they must be detailed, high-resolution, and free from any distortions or extreme shadows. Only images that meet these requirements will allow me to create a piece of artwork for you that is of the absolute highest quality. I am happy to review any photos you would like to use and provide feedback!


Payment plans are available.

I am also happy to create artwork for professional use, such as book illustrations, product designs, etc. Please contact me for more information. 


I can't wait to hear from you!