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Ariana Zimmermann Art

"Boundless Spirit" Fine Art Print

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"Boundless Spirit" giclée archival, museum-grade fine art print, created on 60LB matte paper. All measurements include borders.

“Boundless Spirit” represents the notion of all things being interconnected. It is amazing to me that science has now caught up to what humans from many, if not all, traditional cultures have understood intuitively – that, in the grand scheme of things, there is no division. We know, on a physical level, that our bones are made of stardust, we share our breath with the Earth’s flora, fauna, and water cycles, and mycelial webs entwine and support all of life – we now have the tools to “prove” these things through measurement and statistics. Yet, what we cannot prove is how we are connected metaphysically. What energetic or spiritual bonds are shared by all of life? On what level of existence do beating wings keep time to heartbeats, or do the clouds feel our love? To me, this painting is an exploration of the unseen threads that bind us together, and a reminder that we are not only solitary beings, but also strands in the infinite fabric of life, where the boundless spirit of existence flows endlessly.

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