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Ariana Zimmermann Art

"Wild Abandon" Fine Art Print

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"Wild Abandon" giclée archival, museum-grade fine art print, created on 60LB matte paper. All measurements include borders.

To me, this piece represents the inner, and outer, transformations that emerge when we allow ourselves to take risks, let go of expectations, play, and be curious. 'Wild Abandon' was a breakthrough painting for me. I had recently been exposed to many new artists and was pushing my boundaries and finding my style. My heart found a home in the vibrant colors and loose, energetic brush strokes that emerged in this painting – two aspects which have remained in my artwork since. Through its spirited expression, “Wild Abandon” stands as a reminder of the potential that unfolds when we dare to embrace the journey of self-discovery with unwavering courage and unyielding passion. 

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